Playground Games leaders have left the studio and are creating their own studio called Maverick Games. Playground games is the developer of the Forza Horizon series and are currently creating the new Fable game. What that means for Fable or Horizon games in the future is still unknown.


Director Lynne Leydier describes the “Disney Broadway Musical Showcase,” as the most ambitious show ever produced in the history of Soundstage Productions.


As climate change continues to intensify wildfire season in British Columbia, the heavy smoke that frequently settles over vineyards can seep into the grapes and create ashy, smoky or medicinal-tasting wine.


In this last article of 2022, it seems appropriate to mention two of the most exciting things in astronomy that happened this year.

The daylight hours are getting shorter and the result is obvious; most of my dog walks are in the dark. And that really stinks more than anyone can imagine.


The art of mixology has seen a renaissance over the last two decades. Bartenders, having studied its storied history, have revived the art of mixing drinks, shaking and stirring them back to prominence.

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I was walking around, just minding my own business, which is really not common for me, and realized I was in one of those disassociated dazes that come about with cool sunny days that offer me little to think about except to enjoy the feeling surrounding me.

Nature photographer Brenda Campbell submitted this photo of swans on the lakeside of the Channel Parkway in Penticton. Her photo was taken last weekend.

I think the worst thing we have to tolerate in the confusing season between fall and winter is the kamikaze wasps accosting everything because they are not sure what they are supposed to be doing.

Baby Bump squash seedling provided by Kim's Greenhouse, this plant grown by Pati Hill and an interesting aberration created by the squash It was on display at the 108th annual Summerland Fall Fair, Saturday.

Nature photographer Brenda Campbell discovered this beautiful creature in her honeysuckle flowers. They are less than two inches in length and only come out at night.


Fruit bosses planning the controversial closure of a Kelowna packinghouse hastily switched the format of a Thursday meeting because of “security concerns”.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a butterfly. My money says the fluttering insect you’re envisioning has black-veined, reddish-orange wings outlined with white specks — the iconic attributes of our beloved American monarch butterfly. Unfortunately, the species, which populates many c…

CRESTON - More tree-fruit growers and their orchards will benefit from time-sensitive advice about pest management as B.C.-adapted software becomes available in the Kootenays, which will help stabilize the sector and strengthen B.C.'s food security.

OSOYOOS – This spring over 125 students in the South Okanagan headed outdoors to take part in a boots-on-the-ground educational field program to help in the conservation and restoration of our endangered Antelope-brush habitat. The program provided a unique learning opportunity for students …

Tickets for the Naramata Garden Tour on June 18 sold out in five days. The Naramata Garden Club and the Friends of Summerland Ornamental Gardens thank local media and businesses who supported them and the purchasers of the tickets. They look forward to hosting the ticket holders and sharing …

New interactive online maps have been prepared that are said to show a property’s risk of being subject to extreme heat, extreme cold, flooding and wildfire smoke within the Interior Health region.

One of the best spectacles in the night sky is a total lunar eclipse. No special equipment is required to watch this cosmic lineup. In contrast to a solar eclipse, the lunar variety is safe to witness and enjoy. On Sunday night, the full Flower Moon with creep into the much larger earth’s sh…

Kathy Levesque is busy potting up her perennials, raspberries and house plants to donate to the Garden Club Plant Sale, Saturday morning near Valley First Credit Union.

Hooded Merganser manager Neeley Brimer gathers produce and eggs from Valleyview Farm in Penticton for Chef Bruno Terosso of the Penticton Lakeside Resort.

Geothermal is an ancient, green, renewable energy solution that pipes extremely hot water up from the Earth’s core to be used for heating and cooling or converted into electricity.


Meghann Fletcher took this dramatic photo at the Okanagan River Channel Dam in Penticton.


Cynthia Jack performs the First Nations Okanagan Song at “Awakening: First Blossoms Spring Equinox,” part of the Arts Rising festival, Sunday at the Cleland Theatre.